to fully participate in our 2012 - 2013 GLOBAL WAVE ~


This is YOUR chance to be part of the Soul-ution ~ picture billions of us in vibrational harmony with open hearts emanating the 432 hz as a ''habit of being'' by the Gateway 2012 -2013

The science tells you that the entire future of this planet and all who inhabit her will be enhanced to the highest degree possible as we all energetically fuse into one loving HARMONIK ~ Via

'OCCUPY SELF' "The Mmmm Project"

Every person, clan, group, class, church, band, poet, artist, homemaker, mother, father, sister, brother, cousin, aunt, uncle, grandfather , grandmother, classmate, friend, sports figure, movie star, musician, actor, dancer, singer, mover & shaker, Politician, soldier, doctor, nurse, community member, VIP position holder, expert, professional, dog, cat & creature in unison with all of nature in harmony with Mother Earth in honor of and for all of creation dedicated to our planetary contribution and gratitude and love for the unprecedented major Ascension & Evo-lution in this NOW . . . Is Invited to join us and document your contribution.

On FB & upcoming Web site will be library's of links, youtubes, videos, music and all gifts which are GRATIS as well as all lists of needs and wants; fundraisers, non-profits, profits, shops, as well as courses, workshops (both virtual and in person) to enable DreamWeaver Events in partnership with SedonaHealing.org through OCCUPY SELF ~ & The Mmmm Project to distribute and make available all materials in many medias planetarily.

All are invited to learn the breath which I will give and show GRATIS

All are invited to report their wins and success applying the Mmmm Factor

All are invited to send us YOUR individual or group creation: on a sound byte, youtube, song, music, Mmmm collective, video, film, skit, monologue, or any medium you can share.


MUST MUST MUST have the 432 hz frequency feeeeeeeling within the entire product you are sharing.

ie: Harmonik: "The Mmmm Project" 1st Event will be performed by:

~ * ~Divine Alchemy~ * ~

A troupe of talented beings expressing the Alchemy of the 432 Frequency via Sacred Performance Art

We will put out our 1st music video this month and continue to refine and improve until we reach premium Divine Performance Art of the Sacred Kind.

Click this link to view a Sample Loop Audio MP3 File.

These are videos, a series on youtube & live Performance Art Events that DreamWeaver Events & Sedona Healing (and others as they sign up) will produce. Your creation is sent to ‘OCCUPY SELF’ for approval of the 432hz FEEEELING before we post your creation worldwide. Objective is to create the largest -


Designed to uplift, educate, and transform all who allow themselves to feeel and open their hearts ~ The science behind this planetary action is mindboggling~!

AUDITIONS for Divine Alchemy Performers to be posted forthwith*

Contact: Raven De La Croix 928-202-5566



Download this Report to Learn the Breath Work that will increase your vibration and unlock your vessel body for Ascension.

This Report contains an Invitation for you to EXPERIMENT into free HOLOGRAPHIC BLISS STATES of the HEART!




By Raven De La Croix "Sonic Alchemist"
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